The idea that photography offers an opportunity to capture an authentic, intimate discovery intrigues me. The personal connection I have with the subject matter manifests itself sometimes from the vague familiarity of the subject, and sometimes from a detached, voyeuristic capacity. Every capture embodies a genuine encounter that can resonate with the audience even when the viewer is otherwise detached from the subject. It is this journey of discovering unique visual narratives that stirs my desire to produce provocative photographs.

I caught the photography bug at an early age - capturing images of the French Quarter in my hometown of New Orleans. The historic grandeur and unique backdrop of New Orleans helped develop my eye for composition. It also helped me to revel in life’s little pleasures. I stop to smell the roses. I embrace the nuance of the commonplace. I endeavor to see brilliance in the smallest detail. Because of this, my approach to photography aims at the exploration of life’s backdrop. Each photograph I take represents for me a manifestation of memories, observed and documented from an inquisitive point of view. I hope you enjoy!

-Robert Martin


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